List of Winter 2020 Exhibitors

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Agent Agency Name Booth #
Murray Geddes Agency West/Geddes Agencies 202
Christian Rawles Ambler 203
Glenda Frisk Anatech Inc. 706
 Andrew Sharp Andrew Sharp 17
James Geddes Authentik Trading Co. 9
Doug Gudwer Canada West Sports Agencies Ltd 407
Rob Cairns Carpe Diem Marketing Concepts 600
Jens Ourom Coast Mountain Collective  406
 Tom Coffyne Coffyne Sales 103
 Mitchell Conner Conner Agencies 401
Aaron Shuttleworth Corduroy Life Sales Inc. 215
Gordon Smith David Astley & Company Inc. 201
David Oser David Oser Sales 606
Chad Herbert Division Group 109
 Dustin Adams Doing Business 511
 Dustin Broster Dustin Broster Sales Agency 20
Dave Frick Frick Sports Services 310
 Steve Gaffney Gaffney Agencies 200
Giacomo Edifizi Gamic Sports 7
Greg Battrum GBAgency 211
Robin Gomme Gomme Sales 205
Pat Henry Henry Sports Group 609
Julian Stoddart Howe Sound Sales & Marketing 306
 Rob Howlett Howlett Agency 107
 Ian Hunter Ian Hunter Agencies Ltd. 102
Jean Francois Fortin JF Fortin Agency 700
Jason Jennens JJ Sales 601
John Pettigrew John Pettigrew Sales Ltd. 701
John Wornig John Wornig Sales Agency Ltd. 904
Ken Anderson Ken Anderson Sports Inc. 708
 Ken Domareski Ken Domaresky Sports Agency  818
Dan Anderson Kingpin Agency 311
Alan MacFarlane Kodiak Group Holding Co. 910
 Eric Kossakowski Koss & Effect Ltd. 510
Ed Lachelt Lachelt Marketing 928
Bruce Legree Legree Agency Ltd. 804
Gordon McFarlane Lifelong Active Body Inc. 301
Julie McFarlane Merrell- Julie McFarlene 305
Mike Cavaliere Mike Cavaliere 413, 607
 Ian Morrison Morrison Agency 610
Louis Julien Roy Mountain Exposure Sales & Marketing Inc. 410
Richard Haziza Namaste Trading Group Ltd. 304
Phil Villeneuve Newtown Sales & Marketing 504
 Reed Timmins NLA/Timebomb Trading 3
Jason Billing OnwardUP Sales & Marketing 4
Barry Calhoun Prosense Ltd - PSI 822
Rina Howard Rina Howard & Associates 22
 Rob Allison Rob Allison Agencies 922
James Clarke ROI Recreation Outfitters Inc. 916
Ryan Willcocks  rtw Agency 707, 902
 Tom Lopushinsky Saleslab 507
 Sandy Elliott Olsen Sandy Elliott Agencies Ltd. 15
Jeff Perron Sasso Vertical Sales 808
Chris Broderick Sequence 300
Greg Jackson  Sky-Lines 932
Scott Stevenson Sparrow Outfitters 709
Lenore Stronge Stronge Trends 501
Sue Kostyniuk Sue K Sales 108
Danielle Chin Tandem West Sales 12
Sabrina Simituk Tentree 500
 Brian Mortensen Thule Canada 21
Tom Jones Tom Jones Sales Agency 814
Shannon Tomasek Tomasek Agencies 400
Jenny Bell Thomson White Wave Marketing 208


Exhibitors located at the Grey Eagle Resort and Casino, 5th floor

 Agent Agency Name    Room # 
 Andrew Little AL Sales 519
 Brad Richardson BR Sports Inc 518
 Myles Rickets Myles Ricketts Agencies 516
 Brandi Paik Paik Agency 514
 Harvey Soicher Soicher Agencies 538